About the ULPDO

The University Language Planning and Development Office falls under the University Teaching and Learning portfolio as illustrated.


The Council of the University of KwaZulu-Natal approved the University Language Policy on the 1st of September 2006. This milestone was followed by the Charter to constitute the University Language Board (ULB), which was last amended on the 18th of August 2010. The ULB thus is a sub-committee of Senate constituted in order to develop, implement, monitor and review the University Language Policy and Plan. The ULPDO was established consequent to the approval of the ULB. It is an office established to operationalise the Language Policy and Plan (Implementation Framework).

Vision of the ULPDO

To be the centre of excellence in the promotion, development and the scientification of indigenous languages with specific reference to isiZulu. 

Mission of the ULPDO

To embrace and foster functional bilingualism at the University of KwaZulu-Natal through the promotion of equitable use of the English language and isiZulu as provided for in the University Language Policy (2006). To achieve this, the office has set out the following objectives: 


  • To promote the development of isiZulu to be a language of administration, teaching and learning, research and innovation while accentuating the role of English as a primary academic language.
  • To promote, facilitate and oversee the adherence to the statutory provisions in the development of technical terminology in isiZulu.
  • To monitor and render quality translation, editing and interpreting services to the entire university community.
  • To develop an isiZulu National Corpus and isiZulu Term Bank as important reservoirs for the development of robust Human Language Technologies (HLT) and for posterity.

ULPDO Quarterly Reports

2015: 1st Quarter (Jan-Mar)- PDF | 2nd Quarter (Mar-Jun) - PDF

2014: 1st Quarter (Jan-Apr) - PDF | 2nd Quarter (Jun-Sept) - PDF | 3rd Quarter (Sept-Dec) - PDF

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