Conference Participation

The ULPDO staff regularly participate in external events (conferences, seminars and symposiums), locally and abroad.

2018 External Conferences & Events Participation

Date Conference/Event Venue More Information
25-28 February 2018        Digital Humanities Association of South Africa(DHASA) International conference Johannesburg  

25-28 February 2018 Meeting with PanSALB of Agreement  Johannesburg  

27 February 2018 South African Weather Services to share strategies on terminology development and dissemination Johannesburg                                               

20 April 2018                                          

African Language Development Symposium                                                                                                                                                                                    
Vaal University of Technology  

20 June 2018                              Language Policy and Planning in South African Higher Education                                        
North West University                                                  

27 June - 1 July 2018 23rd International Conference on African Lexicography, AFRILEX South Africa, Cape town  

2-6 July 2018               20th International Congress Linguist, Computational tools for Intellectualization of African languages                                       
South Africa, Cape town  

9-11 July 2018                                     Bilingual Tutorials as new pedagogies in improving access and success                                                                                                                South Africa, Cape town                                                         

29-31 July 2018 SADiLaR scientific advisory committee meeting Pretoria  

2-3 Sept 2018     Language of Teaching and Communication in Higher Education  Johanessburrg                    

2017 External Conferences & Events Participation

Date Conference/Event Venue More Information
16-20 January 2017        Digital Humanities Association of South Africa(DHASA) conference Stellenboch University in Cape town  

February 2017 Appointment to the Scientific Advisory of SADilar North West University  

28 February 2017 PanSALB Awards Cape Town International Convention Centre  

15-25 June 2017                       To travel as part of KZN delegation                                                                                                 

27 June 2017                    To address the NWU Senate       
North West University                                                  

03 July 2017 To attend DHET Ministerial Committee Meeting South Africa  

1-2 August 2017               To lead the UNISA Council Workshop on Transformation                                       
University of South Africa  

2-3 November 2017                  CoPal sub-committee meeting for Terminology, Translation and Interpreting                                      University Of South Africa                                                             

4-8 December 2017 Medical Machine Translation (MeMat) Workshop
University of Cape Town(UCT)  

2016 External Conferences & Events Participation

Date Conference/Event Venue More Information
3-9 April 2016 The 17th International Conference on Intelligent Text Processing and Computational Linguistics (CICLing 2016 In Konya, Turkey from the  

4 – 8 April 2016 The workshop to formally create the DHASA at the North West University  

17 – 18 May 2016 The DHASA meeting Cape Town  

11-15 July 2016 2016 Terminology Summer School in Vienna, Austria  

2015 External Conferences & Events Participation

Date Conference/Event Venue More Information
20-21 of August 2015 A national conference on multilingualism in Higher Education. UNISA Pretoria  

12 November 2015 A conference on Multilingualism NMMU  

23-25 February 2015 The University of the North-West, Potchefstroom campus  

28-29 May 2015. A nationwide administrator’s summit Johannesburg  

2014 External Conferences & Events Participation

Date  Conference/Event Venue More Information
30 September 2014  [Global Event] International Translation Day   Click here
12-13 June 2014 [International Conference] Terminology and Ontology: Theories and Applications Université de Savoie, France Click here

12 March 2014 [Seminar] Practical implications for language units in organisations
UNISA Click here

5-7 March 2014 [Symposium] DUT International Language Symposium DUT Click here

18 February 2014 [Global Event] International Mother Tongue Day   Click here

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