ULPDO Projects

The ULPDO engages in projects that fall under the mandate of the ULB. These projects may be viewed below.

2013-2019 ULB projects 

Year Surname Department Title of project
2017 Vorster   AES  Computer driver’s license in English and isiZulu

2016 North  LMS  Commissioned Language research survey 

2014  Bengesai   LMS Translation of College of LMS handbook into isiZulu 

2014   Modi   AES  Translation of College of AES handbook into isiZulu 

2013  Mathews Health Sciences   Mini video productions

2013 Mod  AES  Various projects involving isiZulu tutorials. Introducing Supplemental instruction in isiZulu

2013  Frescura  Humanities  Illustrated dictionary of Southern African Architectural Terms

2013  Buthelezi   Humanities   Development of discipline specific terminology for professional psychologists

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