ULPDO Projects

The ULPDO engages in projects that fall under the mandate of the ULB. These projects may be viewed below.

2013 ULB Projects

Theme/Focus College Project Description
Development of discipline specific terminology for professional psychologists Humanities The Development of discipline specific terminology for professional psychologists is the project under the College of Humanities; the project leader is Miss Buthelezi. The project is aiming to develop discipline-specific terminology that would inform and enhance the work of professional psychologists in training at the University of KwaZulu–Natal, to develop multilingual and multidisciplinary educative and psycho-social intervention tools including manuals and workshop schedules for professional practice purposes. To train and conduct developmental workshop for Psychology masters students and intern psychologists at the UKZN in order to develop best practice model on the implementation of multilingual multidisciplinary psycho-social intervention and psycho-educational assessments tools.

Games for isiZulu Teaching
Humanities The Games for isiZulu Teaching is the projects under the College of Humanities, the project leader is Christiansen. The project is aiming to develop computer games for learning basic and intermediate isiZulu, both written and conversational. The software will be used in the training of Foundation Phase teachers as well and it is hoped that a version can be launched for use in schools which offer isiZulu as first or second additional language.

Illustrated dictionary of Southern African Architectural Terms 

Various projects involving isiZulu tutorials. Introducing Supplemental instruction in isiZulu AES. Translation of College of AES handbook into isiZulu Agriculture, Engineering & Science Various projects involving isiZulu tutorials. Introducing Supplemental instruction in isiZulu AES. Translation of College of AES Handbook into isiZulu. The project is under the College of AES, the leader is Prof Modi. It is aiming to determine the level of student participation in a Zulu-oriented tutorial compared with where English is only used. To determine the pass rate of students participating in Zulu compared with English Tutorials.To come up with data that can be relevant in the implementation of the proposed new rule BR 9 rule in University of KwaZulu-Natal. 

Commuterm Agriculture, Engineering & Science The COMMUTERM: Self-sustaining community-driven online terminology development is the project led by Dr Keet. The aim of this project is to develop an isiZulu terminology in Computer Science and related relevant to Computer through Self-sustaining online and mobile phone software system to manage terminology development. Achieving shared terminology development through crowd sourcing and facilitating the broader uptake of the developed terminology, engages with third party interested organizations.

Mini-Video Productions Health Sciences

2011/2 ULB Projects

Theme/Focus College/School Project Description
Marketing and Recruitment Material in Bilingual Form- English and IsiZulu Humanities College of Humanities and Education are also developing bilingual recruitment and marketing documents for this College through a jointly funded ULB grant. This initiative involves several phases: conducting a survey of all material currently being used as marketing material to establish gaps and silences with respect to English and isiZulu; commissioning the translation of targeted materials into isiZulu in particular programmes; developing a bilingual package of materials which promote both English and isiZulu languages; develop bilingual texts to support the 1st year course outlines in undergraduate programmes; and conduct a survey on the use of the bilingual texts by students to inform future development of the practice of bilingual materials.

IsiZulu Staff Development, Translation, Terminology Development and Colloquium
Health Sciences In most of the programmes in the College of Health Sciences, an Introduction to isiZulu at level 1 is offered to enable students to do clinical work in community settings. In addition, several projects are in progress, using funding from ULB. Amongst those programmes is the anatomical terminology and the nursing terminology. the former with about 30,000 terms which are going through important stages of terminology development and the later involves the identification and translation of terminology, developing study materials for the self-directed clinical skills laboratory and implements the use of English terminology alongside IsiZulu terminology to enhance a bilingual learning environment.

English-IsiZulu Physics Text; Glossary of isiZulu Chemistry Terminology and Videos Science & Agriculture The College of Science and Agriculture has identified the need for lexicon development as a priority and two innovative projects, funded by ULB are in progress: an English-IsiZulu physics textbook project and the development of a glossary of chemistry terminology and the development of related video materials in IsiZulu.   

Piloting IsiZulu Medium B.Ed Honours Program: Participatory Action Research Project Education The School of Education provides dual medium instruction in their Foundation Phase Programmes. Assignments are written in isiZulu while examination papers are set and written in isiZulu and English and moderated by isiZulu specialist external moderators. However, there is a shortage of isiZulu teaching materials. Ongoing translation and teaching is done simultaneously and more materials are expected to be generated from the European Union/DHET Funded collaborative research project on mother tongue teaching with partner universities (UP, CPUT, TUT). Piloting of the offering of an isiZulu medium honours level module is also being funded by ULB.

Translation and Validation of Teaching Material Humanities, Development & Social Sciences Psychology is producing a digital text combining all the bilingual tutorials with computer scientist. They continue to translate teaching materials for the undergraduate modules. Religion and Theology, Politics and Development Studies modules are currently being developed for bilingual teaching utilising ULB funding

IsiZulu Glossaries for Accounting and Economics Modules and IsiZulu-medium tutorials Management Studies Management Studies is offering isiZulu-medium tutorials and isiZulu glossaries and lexicons to supplement existing first year course materials in economics and accounting. Translations for these tutorials have been completed. In addition, the Moodle e-learning system is being used to facilitate the project. The innovative Nitro Reader mouse-over technology is being used to offer students user-friendly access to isiZulu glossaries and lexicons. 

IsiZulu Law terminology and study materials development Law The School of Law has begun discussion to offer academic support to students similar to the Faculty of Management Studies and have been provided with funding to develop isiZulu law terminology and study materials development.

isiZulu-English Short Story Competition and Book UKZN Press As part of the process of developing greater awareness and drawing attention to the University’s bilingual policy, ULB approved in 2011 the launch an isiZulu-English short story competition which took place in 2012 to contribute to greater valuing, development, and enhancing of African languages and literature in South Africa. Identified and nurtured talent in writing, promote multilingualism and encouraged a sustainable culture of reading and language learning. The focus was on both isiZulu and English. The main objective of the initiative was for the University to symbolically signal, promote and market the bilingualism feature of our language policy. The language disciplines in the College of Humanities in partnership with the Independent Newspapers Group and UKZN Press advertised and ran the competition and a selection of the best stories was published in a volume by UKZN Press. 

Bilingual Signage for 5 campuses Campus Management Services Funding from the ULB grant was provided to erect bilingual signage on University campuses. ULPDO is tasked to work together with government legislated bodies to observe terminology development processes in this regard. Corporate Relations has committed to making available bilingual stationery and related materials such as fax headers, compliment slips and ID cards. Attempts to locate a system that will automatically offer website translation to isiZulu are underway.

IsiZulu Terminology Development Platform
Translate.org Translate.Org, a non-profit organization has been commissioned to deliver a community terminology platform able to follow various terminology development models. The platform, which is in the process of being developed, will be available to all departments within the University to develop terminology for languages covered by the university's language policy. Departments will be freed from the effort of selecting and testing terminology development platforms to focus on the art of terminology development using in-house skills, remote collaborators or crowd-sourcing using models such as Translate@thons.

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